Day 136 – 140 – Time for a Little Break

November 11th, 2013 by

I pushed on to the end of the working week, trying to get out from under a huge pile of paperwork. On Friday evening I headed to the airport to catch a flight to Karaganda to spend the weekend with Raushana and her family. I had checked in online and was looking forward to a short flight and some rest however the airline I was travelling with had other ideas and cancelled the flight! After some panic I managed to change my flight to another destination which meant that I would need to get a taxi for a 2 hours to complete my journey. This would have been fine if I could speak Russian, negotiate a price and knew where I was going! Luckily though whilst I was in the air Raushana managed to find someone to pick me up so I didn’t have to deal with any additional headaches which was a relief – she certainly looks after me which I am very grateful for!

Raushana had forewarned her mother about my current phase’s eating plan and she was a fantastic support, preparing all my food exactly as I would have it at home. When you have people that understand what you are trying to do and support you through the process it makes life so much easier. After a day and night in Karaganda we headed to the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana. I had never visited Astana before so was looking forward to being a tourist for the day and take in the sights. The city was beautiful, very modern and clean although you could definitely feel that winter was on the way! Towards the end of the day in Astana I was beginning to feel hungry and as we walked around a shopping center we headed towards the dreaded food court. Now from experience, shopping center food courts are packed with fast food options however we managed to find a proper restaurant which were very receptive to my demands. I ordered a tuna sashimi salad but asked for it without sauce, dressing and oil which was no problem. I went for some fish skewers which I thought would have been done on a barbecue but in fact were fried in a pan, the waiter was excellent, he was patient and spent time going back and forth to the chef to ask my questions. He came back and offered a solution of salmon cooked on its own in foil and boiled vegetables. This was right up my street and tasted great. It is important to remember when eating out that you as a customer have the right to ask for food to be prepared the way you want it, you just have to make sure you eat somewhere that isn’t a traditional fast food restaurant.

I had a great time exploring new places and meeting new people. It was nice to get away from Almaty and have a breather away from all the hassle and stress of work. Taking time to sit back, reflect and breathe is essential in recharging your batteries and being ready to tackle the working week ahead. I am now 20 weeks into my weight loss and lifestyle change and I feel like a completely new person. The results so far have been fantastic which motivates me to push on further. I know I am not there yet but I am well on my way. The finishing line is in sight and I am going to do everything I can in order to get there and stay there.

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Astana Peace

3 Responses to “Day 136 – 140 – Time for a Little Break”

  • Well done David for sticking to your guns when eating out. There are loads of places to go that offer items I wouldn’t even class as food and certainly wouldn’t want to eat. It’s no wonder people are struggling with their weight and health with so much rubbish available. Nice point about being the customer and having the right to ask for what you need!


  • Elaine Serra says:

    I admire your determination and thank you for the advice about eating out, etc. to keep on track!

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