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Day 125 – 126 – Permanent Change & Habit

October 29th, 2013 by

In order to not only lose weight but keep it off it requires a complete change in your lifestyle and habits. Whether that be through continued exercise once you have achieved your goal or eating and drinking in moderation, it is essential that you work hard to make the changes you have implemented permanent habits. By ensuring these changes become permanent and integrated into your routine then all the hard work you have achieved in losing the weight continues to be rewarded as you continue to be the person that you are trying to equivalente generico cialis< be.

I had a restful weekend which was needed in preparation for the week ahead. I have a lot on at work this week and it is imperative that I have the energy to get through it. There are going to be days where you have limited sleep but it is imperative that you get the rest that your body is craving for. I had a great training session on Saturday evening, http://rxoneonlinepharmacy-care.com/< so far on this weight loss and lifestyle pharmacy rx< change program I have managed to cover long distances in pursuit of my goal of running the London Marathon but it has been through walking as I have been experiencing shin splints. However I was able to break out into a sustained jog which was tough but my god was it rewarding. After I completed 4 miles I felt great! Out of breath and sore but great! It was a big milestone and was a great motivator for me. A few months ago I was struggling to put on my shoes! The transformation has been fantastic but I wasn't just given that change. I have worked hard at it and made sustained sacrifices whilst trying to turn the changes I have made into permanent habits. I crave going for my workouts, looking forward to each session instead of seeing them as a chore and punishment. Every day that I continue to eat clean and train is another day closer to my goal. By continuing to use visualization techniques and imagining the feeling of success I am able to maintain my motivation and drive to succeed. I am very pleased is cialis safe< with my progress and can't wait for the next 6 months and pushing on with attain my goal.

The Feeling of Success - Motivation - Permanent Changes

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