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Day 111 & 112 – How Do You Stay On Track When You Eat Out?

October 17th, 2013 by

I went to the cinema this weekend with Raushana and a couple of our friends to see Gravity and go out for dinner. I had a great time and made sure that I had planned for the evening and was prepared for eating out. My usual plan is to eat before hand so I am already half full which means that I can survive on a salad and some sparkling water. I always make sure that I tell the waiter/waitress that I do not want any cheese, oil, dressing, bacon bits, croutons or anything else that they may include. Yes it may be bland but I am still involved in the eating process with my friends and don’t feel left out. One of my friends had a big plate of mutton shashlik with a big pile of fried potato slices. I looked at the oil and grease dripping off it, although I am only 4 months into this lifestyle change I was completely put off. I

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couldn’t dream of putting something like that in my mouth. It is not a case of thinking that I have come too far to go off track or that I am restricting myself by insisting that I can’t eat that because I am on a diet. It is my choice to be healthy, it is my choice not to want it, I did not have to think through the decision making process, I was rejecting it because I wanted to not because I had to.

A friend of mine in the office started a conversation with me about my plans for Christmas. I told him I was going back home to spend some time with my family. He asked whether I was going to take a break from my system and plan. My response was simple – no. I am focused on achieving my goal. He asked why I wasn’t rewarding myself? I answered that ‘I will reward myself when the job is done’. Once I cross that finishing line, then I will enjoy a glass of champagne, but until then I am going to continue driving forward towards what I want – my ultimate goal of being healthy and happy. I love life and I love being me, but I always want more.

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Salad 2

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