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Day 108 – 110 – Here Comes Autumn/The Fall

October 14th, 2013 by

The weather has turned in Almaty. Autumn (the fall to my American cousins!) has arrived which means it is time to ditch the shorts and t-shirts, open up the wardrobe and go hunting for my autumn/winter clothes. I was looking forward to this as I have a tendency to buy things and then pile on weight never to wear them again, so I was hoping to find some hidden gems, and I did! What was really good was finding a waterproof cialis and alcohol safe jacket that I purchased about 2 years ago, fits me great now viagra over the counter and is perfect for what I need. It is online pharmacy viagra these little wins that keep my motivation high, knowing that all the hard work and effort that I have put in to following my system is working and that I am reaping the benefits. All the little wins add up to one big win – a happy, healthier me that is inspired to embrace life and its challenges and to tackle it head on and enjoy the moment.

Keeping yourself motivated is a key concept. Without this motivation it is difficult to succeed as you need it during the tough moments. A good tip is to work out what inspires and motivates you, and to make sure you store it up in reserve and use it when you need it. For me I keep imagining the feeling of crossing that finishing line, note it is not the actual feat of crossing the line but the feeling of achievement. Knowing that everything that I have put into this journey has been worthwhile and that no one can ever take that away from me. Your mind is your biggest tool in your weight loss and lifestyle change program. Train, educate and use it to your advantage – once you have your mind-frame right the rest falls into place. I am in a position now where I feel as though I can achieve anything, all I have to do is create that vision in my mind, work out the strategic plan to get there and then execute. It is a simple process but the most difficult part is the first step – identifying the vision of yourself that you want. Once you have achieved this you are all set to go. I speak with many of my friends and colleagues about what it is that they want and the majority are still in a state of limbo, they do not viagra online canadian pharmacy know what they want and as a result are not all natural viagra moving anywhere which is frustrating for them and I feel their pain. Take that first step, don’t be afraid and go for it, trust me it is worth it.

What are examples of ‘little wins’ that you have had recently and what effect did they have on you?

The Feeling of Success - Daily Diary - Autumn

2 Responses to “Day 108 – 110 – Here Comes Autumn/The Fall”

  • Your motivation and determination are astounding! We’re not all blessed this way.
    The Prochaska change model (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transtheoretical_model) might interest you. Many people start taking action before having committed to their change ie while still in the contemplation phase. They then give up on their goal, thinking it was too hard for them. There is always a price for any change – you have been willing to pay in effort and self-discipline but are clear that the result is worth it to you. People don’t always work out the price so they don’t take a conscious decision to go ahead.
    I’ve love reading your blog and will keep an eye on your continuing success.

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