Clothes Shopping Whilst Losing Weight

November 17th, 2013 by

So you’ve lost weight, and your hard work is really beginning to show. Your clothes are starting to hang off of you, but you’ve still got a way to go yet. How do you clothes shop during the weight loss process, without wasting money on stop-gap garments?


Tip 1: Invest in items which are easily altered or stretchable. Fabrics of high quality are often easier to take in. Find yourself a good seamstress and carefully select some neutral basics that go with everything. Clothes that stretch will be your best bet as they will shrink with you as long as they are of decent quality. Trousers like leggings and ‘jeggings’ are often stretchable.

Tip 2: Pick jeans that are wider in the leg and tight in the thigh area. As your legs slim it won’t appear drastic when the thigh area has a little room.

Tip 3: A-line dresses and skirts are your best bet as they don’t hug the figure. Fitted waistbands are easily taken in on A-line skirts, and that will be the only part that requires adjusting as the pounds melt away.

Tip 4: Well fitting underwear is essential for any look. If your bra is gaping a bit but you don’t want to invest in new ones until you’ve reached your goal-weight, buy yourself a bra filling mold instead. These are often referred to as ‘chicken fillets’ and are used to pad out smaller busts to enhance shape and size. Alternatively choose bras that come with additional padding. As the bra starts to gape, insert the padding until you are happy to settle at a certain size and buy a whole new underwear drawer.

Tip 5: Buy garments which look fine when hugging your figure but will also look good a little loose. Casual tops can work both ways, as can cardigans and shirts. Don’t buy if they are comically skin-tight as you don’t want to be uncomfortable, and do not buy if they are too tight at the bottom as this can be most unflattering. There are a number of styles which are designed to

look loose, like off the shoulder tops – these are worth investing in as they’ll look great now and in the future. If you’re wearing a loose top, pair it with more fitted trousers, to balance out the look.

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