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Beginning your day with the right nutrition is not only important for your energy levels but also your food choices. If you breakfast on sugar-drenched foods like some cereals, you will be battling with erratic blood sugar levels and craving stimulants which will propel you onto an even bumpier ride.

If you eat a balanced meal to begin with you are giving yourself the best chance to stay on track throughout the day and also to remain focused on tasks at hand!

Some ideas for the most important meal of the day…

  1. Porridge. This may sound boring at first but it is a superb start to your day and there are so many ways to liven it up with delicious and highly nutritious ingredients. Add cinnamon to help balance your blood sugar release, berries and fruits on top, and sprinkle seeds and nuts galore. Try almond milk or coconut milk for some variety and a break from dairy.
  2. Eggs – they are the perfect breakfast due to their ideal composition of amino acids – the ‘building blocks’ of protein. Scramble, poach or boil and simply serve on a bed of spinach or watercress. You may want to add some grilled tomatoes or mushrooms and a sprinkling of pepper. Add a slice
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    or two of whole grain toast if you need some more carbohydrate for your morning.

  3. If toast is your choice come morning, simply upgrade it in the health stakes by topping it wisely. Spread nut butter, cottage cheese, cold meats, mozzarella, or hummus on top. Then slice a banana on top, some berries, green leaves, tomatoes, or cucumber and place on top. Super quick, satisfying and delicious. If you are a marmite fan, mash some avocado or banana on top – both are delicious combinations, give them a try!
  4. A small tub of Greek yoghurt with your fruit of choice and a small handful of nuts and seeds creates a simple and tasty first meal of your day – perfect for smaller morning appetites.
  5. If you really struggle to stomach food first thing, take a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit on your travels and nibble your way through them.

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2 Responses to “Breakfast Options”

  • afracooking says:

    Great ideas! Actually my favourite breakfast are pancakes, but then not the ones with white flour and sugar, but nutrion packed oat pancakes or buckwheat crepes. And if I do not have any time then over night fridge oats make for a fabulous breakfast as well

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