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We live in a world so obsessed with body shape and size that it is easy to get swept along in a gust of low self esteem and inadequacy. We all want to be at peace with physical selves, and when you realise that this is less about your mirror reflection and more about state of mind, is the moment that you gain insight into true body confidence. Here are a few tips to help you there…

To compare yourself to others is a waste of your uniqueness. There is only one you. Why waste time looking at other people and wishing you looked more like them? Remember that every aspect of your body is inherited from someone on your family tree, celebrate it! Even in weak moments do not give in to inferiority complex, life is simply too short. Plus, you don’t know what other people are thinking – they could be wishing they had your eyes, your stomach or your shapely derriere! Stay healthy and be proud of how you look. Body confidence shines through, and is a lot more endearing than a flat stomach or cellulite-free thigh.

Remember flaws are beautiful. Perfection is both dull and humanly impossible. In real life models are not as perfect as they are in an airbrushed advert. Look at Audrey Hepburn – a woman still celebrated today for her unique beauty. If you study her face, she is far from perfect. Her nose was wide set at the bottom, her jaw was slightly masculine and she complained of having big feet! Still, she was breathtakingly beautiful! She played up her huge eyes and dressed to flatter her gamine figure. We can all learn a lesson or two from her… When you look in the mirror each day, identify the features that you love and accentuate them, you should be thankful.

The human body was not designed to be admired for its beauty. This about all the incredible functions that we take for granted each day – eyesight, hearing, the ability to walk wherever you like. Many people in the world are not as fortunate. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a child, be grateful that your body created that little miracle. How insignificant do those stubborn few pounds seem now?

Invest in a flattering wardrobe. When you go shopping, take someone with you who you know is honest and will help you to identify what makes you look your best. Mothers can be good candidates here or your oldest friends who you know will tell you the truth. When you are wearing clothes that fit properly and celebrate your shape, it is far easier to be kind of yourself when you look in the mirror.

Finally, fast forward 20 years. When you look back on photographs do you want to wish that you’d appreciated how you look now, or do you want to look back with pride and reminisce about old times that you lived with joy? Seeing yourself now, with the gift of imaginary hindsight is a powerful tool. How would you like to remember yourself now? Making the most of life and being happy and grateful for what you have, or being miserable, insecure and striving to look more like others?

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