The Best Egg Recipes Ever

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Eggs are widely regarded as the ‘perfect’ and most ‘complete’ food that you can eat. Largely down to their essential amino acid complex which exactly meets our body requirements in the most ideal measure, they are also a cracking source of many minerals and vitamins as well as essential fats and antioxidants. Contrary to popular belief, eggs do not raise cholesterol levels, and up to 8 a week is perfectly healthy, if indeed recommended.

There are far more interesting ways to crack into a good egg than the classics, which although delicious (think toast soldiers dipped in runny eggs) may need a little imagination and sprucing up if you are to pack as many as 2 a day into your diet. Here’s a little list of recipe inspiration for you…

Scrambled rice – Give standard brown rice a protein packed twist, by mixing scrambled egg, peas, wilted spinach and coconut oil to the mix. Delicious with meats or fish, or alone.

Stuffed peppers – Stuff juicy peppers with cooked chicken, cooked rice, veggies, tomatoes, paprika, parsley, feta and raw egg – bake in the oven and serve.

Eggs and greens – Greens like rocket, spinach and watercress go famously well with eggs. Scramble or poach on a bed of luscious leaves.

Bacon stuffed eggs – boil a couple of eggs, and grill some lean bacon. Once all cooked to your liking, cut the bacon into strips and stuff into the yellows of the eggs, followed by a sprinkling of oregano. Slice up some grilled cherry tomatoes and serve alongside for a stylish healthy twist to a fry up. You can even wedge in between a little fresh rye bread to make a delicious breakfast sandwich for anytime of the day!

Avocado & feta eggs – Poach a couple of eggs and serve on top of ripe avocado slices. Decorate with some chunks of feta or goat’s cheese and you’re in for a taste explosion which is super healthy and satisfying too!

Eggs & Sweet potato chips – Eggs and chips is one of those nostalgic dishes which transports you back on a comforting journey to childhood. Make it with a healthy twist if you’re feeling sophisticated. Poach or soft boil the eggs and serve with sweet potato wedges/chips sprinkled in paprika. Simple make the chips in the same way you would white potatoes, for a hit more fibre, vitamins and overall nutrition.

Egg Topped Pasta – Try rice pasta or noodles with lashings of pesto, fresh basil, steamed spinach and olive oil. Top with a poached or soft boiled egg for a protein-rich twist. This delicious twist to the Italian classic will make you wonder how you lived without it! Top with a few sundried tomatoes for a real rollercoaster ride for you taste buds.

Remember eggs make perfect, tidy and super convenient snacks too. Simply hard boil, allow to cool and then you can take with you in a cool bag or container to be stored in the fridge. When hunger hits, simply peel and eat with a couple of oat cakes and some sort of salad accompaniment. Cracking idea!





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