Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

February 7th, 2014 by

beauty tipsSo we’re tired of hearing that we should always wash off our make up before bed, that we shouldn’t brush wet hair and squeezing spots is no-no (who ever abides by that rule anyway?!) What we want is fresh new beauty tips to big up our beautifying.


For voluminous va-va-voom hair leave for a couple of days after washing, then add dry shampoo to the roots and blow dry with your head upside down so that your hair hangs as you blast. The combination of natural oils with the product will hold up your tresses for those glamorous ‘big hair’ looks.

Bambi eyed looks require lashings of mascara! Do you ever find that high volume mascaras thicken your lashes but can weigh them down too? Try a coat of waterproof lengthening mascara first, allow to dry, then it’s time for a lick of volume mascara, which will be held up beautifully by the first waterproof coat!

When religiously applying your masks of moisturiser morning and night – instead of rubbing it in, gently pat the product into your complexion until it absorbs. Rubbing it over the face can prevent efficient absorption and disperse the product to undesired areas. Also over time the effects of rubbing your face each day may promote sagging of the skin or fine lines to develop. Gently patting it will encourage your face to lap up the ingredients beautifully.

Did you know that your fragrance rises throughout the day? Rather than spritzing it on your neck, try on your inner elbows and knees for the scent to last longer and linger for hours! Sometimes spraying your hair with perfume can create an overkill effect. Try spritzing a little on your hair brush and brushing it through dry hair. The perfume will cling on to the natural oils and fibres of the hair and infuse to create a long lasting and subtle halo of aroma.

Use eyeliner? Try swapping blacks or browns for deep plum purple – this is subtle enough for nobody to notice the slightly unconventional liner tone, but a powerful tool for making your eye colour ‘pop’ without the use of more obvious eye shadows.

Prone to dark circles or under-eye bags? Try shaping your eyebrows slightly more straight rather than arched. Arched eyebrows paired with under-eye baggage create a circular effect which can draw further attention to them.

If you have a matter of seconds to throw on some make up, focus on your brows – fill them in and brush them to create a groomed effect. Oh and under absolutely no circumstances is the ‘drawn on’ look acceptable! If you have enough time – dab on a little rouge on your cheeks and lips to create a natural rosy glow.

Have a zit? Try crumbling an aspirin and mixing it with a little water to form a paste. Apply to the offending area to reduce redness and inflammation. Alternatively, crush a garlic clove and apply to the pimple for potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory relief!

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Manuka honey makes the best face mask! The naturally active healing agents of this native New Zealand honey makes it a hit with the complexion, to add glow to dull skin, heal inflammation and deeply nourish and moisturise!

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