Anti-Ageing Starts In Your Kitchen

February 6th, 2014 by

Just think of the money, energy and bathroom cabinet space we dedicate to the quest for young, youthful looking skin. Our shelves are stacked with pots, tubes and jars of expensive gloop that we slather on our faces morning and night. Of course these lotions and potions are more than just viagra ingredients an insurance plan against wrinkles – they are a way to armour up for the day ahead or wash the stresses cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy away at night. Beauty regimes are our ‘me time’ – and finding ways to ‘switch off’ is always encouraged, but if you are serious about keeping the years off your face, you should invest a little more thought into what goes in your mouth than what goes on your face.

Your skin, your eyes and your hair are all made up of the food that you eat. What you apply to these features externally helps from a cosmetic angle, but it is the beauty tools that you eat which you really build beauty from.

How often do you see the word ‘collagen’ branded across a label of face cream? This has long been considered the holy grail of youth enhancement, and for good reason – as this is the stuff that holds your skin together taught and tight. BUT did you know that the only way to produce more collagen is through wise nutrition. Remember – everything that you are is derived from your food, and your skin is no exception. Collagen is synthesised by vitamin C – and yes you’ll probably find that scribbled on the beauty label too, but it is only of any use when you eat it! OK, shrug any notion of devouring your night cream, and off you trot to the fridge! Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, watercress and cabbage are absolutely packed with vitamin-shaped collagen building blocks and antioxidants. Have fresh lemon slices in your tea, red peppers, Goji berries, sweet potatoes and berries. Lots of fresh produce in the way of vegetables and fruits is a greater step forward in the quest for collagen than any skin cream can ever be…

One of the biggest age giveaways isn’t wrinkles or under eye bags, but rather a sagging face and jawline. This is one of the ways that you instantly decipher someone’s level of physical maturity, without even consciously realising it. So what keeps your jawline youthfully tight and defined? Many products claim to defy gravity and keep you chiselled way into your twilight years, but they get all their inspiration from what really works – food! You will find omega 3 plastered across these products, but only because they work when you eat them. The omega 3 fatty acids that flow through oily fish like salmon and sardines are anti-inflammatory by nature, as well as incredibly nourishing and strengthening for your skin cells. They help extenze and cialis together keep your face youthfully contoured, moisturised and supple.

Your hair and skin are made up of proteins. Low protein diets are often plastered across people’s faces and their dull, thinning tresses. To keep the skin plump and radiant and hair glossy and full, plenty of protein is essential. Every meal and snack should feature protein of some description – be it fish, eggs, meat, poultry, yoghurt, nuts, seeds or pulses. If you are vegetarian or vegan, it is often advised to seek professional guidance when it comes to getting plenty of quality and varied protein intake – there is a fine art to this that most of these diet groups are missing. A certified nutritionist will help you plan!

Next time you stop for a brew break, go green! Green tea contains a fountain of anti-ageing compounds to keep cialis online cheap you radiant and youthful. The polyphenols that swim through this famously healthy tea dash up to your over the counter viagra cheeks to help protect against free radical damage – the enemy of anti-agers – and its naturally anti-inflammatory nature helps to calm the face with a cuddle of refreshment.

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