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Motivation can be defined as a force that generates energy to drive a person to achieve something. It may be to achieve a healthier, slimmer body or to accomplish a degree; it may be to run a marathon or to land the ultimate job. It may be to achieve recognition in a certain field or area of expertise; or even to achieve recognition on a daily basis through fame.

Achievement is the incentive that spurs us on to accomplish tasks and to master skills or qualifications.

In order to evolve and develop as an individual we need to accomplish and achieve. So how do we go about achieving our goals?

First of all, you need to establish what it is exactly that you want to achieve. Make sure that you are the driving force behind deciding your goals. If somebody else has planted a seed in your mind, it is likely that it is for their own benefit and achievement, rather than yours. For example, you have to want to lose weight for yourself rather than to please a partner. And you need to want to accomplish a degree for your own future rather than for the pride of your parents. As much as you may love or respect other people’s wishes, it is important that personal goals set are what you truly want to achieve, because otherwise you are a lot less likely to overcome the hurdles involved.

Visualise your desired achievements. This is a crucial step in achieving your goal. Not only will it establish exactly what you want to achieve, but it will tell your brain that making that achievement is a reality and it is going to happen, therefore you will automatically seek out the pathways leading you to success. By visualising your desired achievements you are positively manifesting them to become a reality.

Believe in your future achievements. This is all part of visualising them. It is important that you frequently envisage how you will look and feel when you reach your goals, in order to constantly process the belief in yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who will believe in you too – this will further support your own faith. If people are negative, learn to filter their opinions and focus on your own unbridled belief. Remember that

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Identify each step toward reaching your ultimate goal. This breaks it into more short-term and manageable milestones, which each contribute toward the outcome. They also keep you fully engaged with the task at hand, rather than straying off track.

Finally remember to celebrate each and every step toward achieving your goal. This will punctuate each achievement in its own right, and spur you on to the ultimate goal ahead. Also, it will make the whole process more enjoyable and engaging.

The Feeling of Success - Motivation - Accomplish Your Dreams

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