Accentuate Your Best Features

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An instant way to achieve enhanced body confidence is to draw attention to your favorite features. Even if you aren’t a preening peacock, everyone has a feature that they are proud to ‘play up.’

What’s yours?

Your eyes – Beautiful eyes have the power to completely define a face. The eyes in general receive the most attention of all body parts, so accentuate yours to create a lasting impression. Start with eye shadow. A natural light beige or off white shadow will enhance the whites and shape of your eyes, a white eye liner will perform the same trick whilst making eyes appear larger and brighter. Experiment with colour. Find a shade which makes your eyes ‘pop.’ Gold, brown, peach and plum shades can light up blue eyes. Bronzes and greens make brown eyes stun. Hazel and green eyes are transformed with purple and lilac palettes. Frame your eyes by giving shape to your brows. Brow kits are great for naturally enhancing the arch and length of your brows. Finish with an eye-opening pinch of the lash curlers and a generous couple of coats of mascara.

Your legs – If your legs are long and shapely then you are lucky enough to be able to pull of many a show-stopping style. Start with a great lotion to moisturise and smooth. Light reflecting body creams accentuate shape and tone of your legs, and a subtle self tanner will elongate and slim. Show them off in fitted skirts or trousers, mini dresses and shorts. Skinny jeans and leggings were designed with precisely your body type in mind. High waist style jeans or fitted trousers will also accentuate the length of your pins to Barbie-doll proportions. Pointy shoes, wedges and calf length boots will accessorise your favourite features perfectly.

Your cleavage – A beautiful cleavage is easily accentuated. It does half the talking for you. Dust your décolletage with light reflecting lotions or powder and wear V neck shapes, wrap dresses and scoop necked tops. A structured, supportive bra is essential – go for a beautiful feminine design to make you feel even more alluring. Silk or satin material would be an attention-grabbing choice when it comes to blouses or shirts.

Your lips – A plump, pouty pair of lips are oh-so-inviting. To keep them looking luscious in the long term, invest in a high quality balm with additional SPF. Keep them moisturised to look their best. Gently exfoliate using an old toothbrush to polish away dry, flaky skin to reveal a smoother surface that is ready to enhance. A tinted lip balm is a great everyday lip enhancer. Natural peaches and apricot colors look flirty with a slick of gloss on top, or prepare to stun with a daring coat of red or plum. If you opt for a bold, striking lip, ensure that the rest of your make up is played down, otherwise you risk looking a tad ‘over-done.’

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Youthful, plump cheeks – These aren’t just cute on babies; plump cheeks are sought after in Hollywood due to the youth-enhancing effects. If you’re lucky enough to be naturally baby-faced, draw attention to the youthful volume with beautiful blushers and highlighters. Go for peach, pink, apricot and natural bronzes with subtle light reflecting particles for ultimate radiance. Apply gradually for a natural look, with a large brush. Shimmers and highlighters applied to the cheekbones and brow bones provide

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an unbeatable way to accentuate your features.

Hair – Beautiful hair is a crowning glory. If you are lucky enough to possess thick, shiny, luscious locks then ensure that you take good care of them. Don’t wash your hair everyday as this can be drying, and invest in a high quality conditioner. Use treatments and oils in your hair once or twice a week to encourage healthy growth. Salons offer stunning gloss treatments for hair which create a halo-like shine. Naturally enhance your hair color with highlights or lowlights, and experiment with styles to draw instant attention to your tresses. Hair accessories like flowers, clips and bands create another dimension of interest.

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